Since moving back to the east coast this past spring, I quickly realized how much I wanted to focus on my artistic and creative abilities. I had put painting, crafting and writing on the sideline for far too long. It was all sitting stagnant in an algae-covered bog of uninspired and apathetic ideas, waiting to be pulled out from the muck. With much support and encouragement from friends, family and an amazing husband, I began the slow trudge out of my lethargic creative state into a fresh and energized attitude.

Here you’ll find recipes that I’ve created or modified to fit a gluten and dairy free diet. Evan, my husband, is very allergic to many things (gluten, cow dairy, tree nuts, fresh pumpkin), so when we first moved in together I began baking and cooking to accommodate them. Every now and then I will post an update on my “Gluten + Dairy Free Life” part of the site, which is more of a personal journal. Soon I’ll be adding some DIY and crafting projects, too! I hope you enjoy your time here, at the Artisan Tack.


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